sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008


The collection “Legends of Chile for the World” gathers traditional tales of the native people of the Chilean territory, a country located on the western side of South America. This collection presents different indigenous stories with first class artists’ illustrations.
The Lanterns of Pillán is a legend of the Mapuche people (People of the Earth) that gives a magic explanation, on the one hand, about the volcanic activity of the land, and on the other hand, about the origin of the beautiful native flower called Copihue.
The illustrations were done by Rodrigo Salinas, who earned a degree in Art, specializing in engraving, from the University of Chile. He has worked as illustrator for very well known newspapers (La Nación and El Mercurio of Santiago). He also is the editor and founder of the group “La Nueva Gráfica Chilena”, and one of the creators of the successful children TV program “31 minutos”. He has twice been awarded the Altazor —a prestigious prize in Chile concerning to arts and media.

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